University Flashback

Today I tried to find a mac project which I wrote in university to remote control a NXT robot and to see if I can port it to ios. I did find the project, however, later I realized the current ios sdk doesn’t provide enough bluetooth support in my case.

Meanwhile, when I searched my folders, I found almost all the projects I did in my 4 year university life. I am glad I kept them although I almost forget about that. I read several snippets of the source code as well as the notes I wrote after finishing the project. I totally forget what I have written at that time, and when I read those notes again, I realize my mindset has changed.

I remember when I was in the university, I missed the life in high school because the relationship among classmates in university is not as close as what in high school. After starting my career, I began to miss the university life because I miss the freedom in university. If I were in the university, I could spend plenty of time learning what I am interested. However, at work, it’s all about deadlines and the work itself is not always fun.

Anyway, that’s life. And I still think it’s the right choice to pick software engineering as my major.

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