Thoughts on Front-end and Back-end Development

  • Front-end development
    • If something works unexpectedly from the framework, it always suggests a framework bug.
    • Using the application framework is a great way to learn how to architect software.
    • A lot of bugs and a big amount of bugs are low hanging fruit. But some nasty ones(Framework bugs) are really hard to fix perfectly.
    • Work on something people will see and use directly. While the work always requires the corporation with product managers and designers.
    • Since it deals with human, it’s more of an art than pure engineering.
  • Back-end development
    • If something works unexpectedly from the underlying libraries, it might suggest a design compromise. Further thought leads to the better understanding of the system.
    • Using the library is a great way to learn library/interface design.
    • Much less bugs. Bugs are normally serious and have big impact. Some bugs require a lot of effort to fix.
    • Work on something people are not aware of normally. Engineers rule everything.
    • It largely depends on the engineering skill.

If the whole engineer team is an army, then Back-end engineer is the artillery, while front-end engineer is the infantry. Becomes good at either of them requires a lot of effort.

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